About Us

Babylon Booking is a full-service travel wholesaler working with travel agencies that require professional, friendly and efficient organization of travel products and services.

Who we are

Babylon Booking is a world’s leading B2B flight booking portal dedicated to providing quality services to its partners/clients. We have access to ticketing with more than 700 airlines including 120 Low Cost Carriers worldwide in a single portal.

For a quick, effective and efficient online booking, Babylon Booking is your right choice by offering solutions to your needs.

Whether you are a small or large travel agency, you need an effective search engine that could help you be efficient and quick in what you do.

Our internet booking engine system offers a friendly interface,records of your search, detailed reports, backed by a professional team of customer service staff and a help desk available 24/7.

Babylon Booking will always be in the pursuit of excellence and adapt its services and style of operation to better serve its clients. We have set up a transparent process from choosing your tickets to booking and paying for them online.

We cater to both international and domestic travel requirements,and our support team will address any concerns that might be faced at any time.

Our Vision

To be recognized as a leading search engine Travel & Tourism related portal globally for online bookings by means of service excellence, innovative & quality services, personal attention& satisfaction for our clients, continuously developing new relationships and opportunities.

Our Mission

To meet our clients’ every travel needs through our efficient and cost-effective operations, displaying our superior professional competence and excellent customer service by exceeding their expectations.

To continue building on our reputation for quality in all that we do, providing our customers with the best service from start to end and thus to grow our reputation and ultimately, our company’s success by offering competitive prices and services to our customers on airline tickets.

Our Team

Babylon Booking has recruited and trained a multilingual team to ensure that they provide the best possible customer service to its clients.

Our team thoroughly trained to service our travel agency clients in the technology and systems we use,which are essential to the majority of travel agencies, and have access to our large network of contacts and suppliers around the world.

Our staff and travel consultants are friendly, professional and competent, ensuring that the services we provide are delivered on time and in full, covering every detail required for the client’s itinerary.

We are a dedicated team with expert knowledge of every aspect of flight booking. We enjoy helping our clients to satisfy their wants and needs, which is shown in our friendly and outstanding customer service.

When it comes to specific requirements, We respond individually to every email enquiry you send us; there are no automated responses.You can also get in touch with us on the phone 24/7, no matter where you are in the world.