The process of booking air tickets can be a complicated one, which takes up a great deal of time as every flight has different options for pricing, class quality, facilities and availability. Babylon Booking has a long yet great experience with air ticketing; our records show that our system has been always on top for its great deal and functionality. Consequently, it has been always preferred by our clients as it is directly integrated with the best global suppliers in the travel industry.

XML is an integration system to support all OTAs in managing their air ticket bookings with more flexibility and rich services.

This brand-new solution has two main effective tools (XML and GSA) to further enhance and support online travel agencies (OTA).


Grow your revenue, increase profitability and extend your market reach as Babylon GSA.

We have seen some real success with partners joining the GSA program, the program saves you time, reduce compliance risks and overall business costs - literally a win-win situation! With ambitious goals and growth-oriented objectives, you can partner with us, as, we, at Babylon Booking nurture our partnerships on mutual trust and unparalleled care. We believe in shared development and offer our GSAs unmatched benefits which include enhanced brand recognition, expansion of their reach and increased revenue. By entering strategic alliances with Babylon Booking, our partners can leverage the advantages of shared growth opportunities. We look forward to partner with businesses of every size and offer completely non-competitive environment for our partners that foster progress and expansion.

Why being Babylon Booking GSA?

Increasing Sales:

You get the benefit of our long experience and wide-ranging contacts in the travel industry, combined with an efficient, effective and tailored customer service with a unique online booking portal.

Around-the-clock support:

To ensure the smooth-running of your business, we provide 24/7 customer and technical supports. Ticketing, fulfillment and accounting carried out as you need it, in order to make your sales a consistent revenue generating part of your overall sales effort. We fit our processes to yours. You can now provide your services to your clients with a peace of mind.

A Dedicated Account Manager:

We will assign an experienced Account Manager to follow your Account and cater for any solution needs that you might have with your clients. We provide immediate supports in tackling any problems that may arise. Every travel agent needs lots of these and everything we do is aimed at increasing your market presence, your ticket revenues and ultimately your profitability.

User interface:

1. Clear
2. Concise giving a lot of information clearly
3. Familiar
4. Responsive
6. Efficient


Babylon Booking reports improve your practice by letting you know what is going on with your sales, how many tickets you had this month versus last, your top destinations and the sales performance of your sub agents.


Babylon Booking knows what you need to do and sees the holes you need to fill so you can be effective with your time. Babylon Booking works your cases through the customized phases and as you complete the tasks, the phases change and auto-generate the next set of tasks, Secured Online Access to look and book 24/7 anytime, anywhere.

Making doing business easy:

Babylon Booking has the power to transform your revenues. Nesting, unlimited tiering with exacting controls deliver the right price, automatically. Applicable to every flight, every route, every parameter - even multi-leg and for granular, limitless through fare pricing options.

Simple connection for a rich content

XML is an integration system to support all OTAs in managing their air ticket bookings with more flexibility and rich services.
We provide our customers with an application programming interface (API), through which our customers will be linked to our booking engine and display all air ticket availabilities for your customers.

Easy integration of your website with our system

Once Babylon Booking has been integrated with your website via XML Extra, you will immediately start to discover the great advantages it offers to your business. Simply access to the flight details of the airlines and receive instant confirmation to your flight bookings.
Through XML, it becomes quicker and smoother to enable your web booking engine to request real-time information on Babylon Booking system and immediately display the result for the user. Besides, you can get best choices in your bookings directly on to your website and gain advantages over your competitors. Integration of Online Booking Systems with our legacy-system data does not only expand your searching engine, it perfects it.

What will you get out of this?

Some brief benefits out of many others:

- Automatic content update.
- Secure Integration and seamless billing.
- Boosting sales and brand marketing.
- Real-time response for your bookings.
- Detailed fare breakdown and fare rules depending on GDS content.
- Maintain your full brand integrity.
- Acquire variety of special fares and commission deals.
- Various offers added to your bookings site.

Expand your overall understanding about XML

Richer airline content

By integrating with our system, you will have all the top airlines in hand. Babylon Booking will enable your booking website to have access to more than 700 airlines including 120 low-cost carrier. In case there are some specific airlines that you couldn’t find on the system, then please let us know so as we add them to the system. Therefore, you don’t have to be worried about not having a specific airline in our system because we always make sure that we have all the airlines.

24/7 support team for guidance and XML related services

We do the work for you. We have a specialized team to reduce the headache of hiring your own support team. We guarantee your employees and customers satisfaction worldwide.

We care about your customers

Babylon Booking XML has been created bearing in mind the challenges that small and medium sized travel agents face during their bookings. Through XML Extra integration, all the information, including pricing and availability, are presented in real-time. XML Extra enables all OTA�s access to vast global airline content into their reservation system or website. These are all possible due to TXML/API technology with top speed, performance and airline choice globally.

Access to excellent negotiated air ticket rates.

XML provides an easy access to competitive rates of 700+ airlines including 120 Low-Cost Carriers content. Your customers do not see any of Babylon Extra or Babylon Booking brand and logo, and you will directly issue tickets and collect payments from your customers. In addition, for choosing your profit margin from our high commission rates, you can simply add your own markups to a commissionable and/or net rates, and earn profits immediately while bookings.

Cost saving

The ease and simplicity while searching for a flight can be carried out by our system, the real-time pricing and availability will ensure time-saving and operational cost reductions.

Completely customized system after integration

Airline contents can be used in line and integrated easily with your own system. This means that the air ticket booking system will request real-time information from Babylon Extra, and the results will be immediately displayed on your website based on the design you have or you may choose. And, all your tickets will be printed out with your own logo based on your system.