Feature List

Babylon Booking is a full-service travel wholesaler working with travel agencies that require professional, friendly and efficient organization of travel products and services.

Earning commission


Become associated with us and earn high percentage of commissions on certain airlines through Babylon Booking as we have secured best deals with various airlines worldwide. In addition, you can manage the esired markup per your agency’s needs.

Fare Breakdown


Babylon Booking will provide its partners with detailed fare breakdown in order to know the exact commission share. In addition, before purchasing your ticket you can observe the rules for cancellation and re-validation of your ticket.

A One Shop Stop


Our booking system is integrated with multi-suppliers globally with whom we have agreed on best possible deals. We are constantly looking for new supplies to give our partners bigger variety of suppliers.

On hold booking


Lock in your flight ticket(s) price for long period of time depending on the airline without having to purchase it.

White label solution/website


In short, white label solutions can help you utilize your business’s unique branding and implement it purely on Babylon Booking system to offer your services under your company’s name without investing in infrastructure or technology creation around the solution,

User per employee feature plus permissions


You can have separate login access for all of your company’s staff under one account for easy management and administration. In addition, you can create accounts for other sub-agencies to work through you.

Mobile Responsive


Convenience is what everyone looks for. Babylon has a beautifully designed mobile-friendly responsive design which provides you with mobility and the ability to work while on the go.

Reports, Vouchers and Invoices


Data is the core of any business’s success. We will provide you with in-depth reports through which you can optimize and make changes to your strategy. We can provide you with a ready-made solution and template according to your needs and wants.

Yet More …

Flexi -/+ 3 days search Function


Babylon Booking shall offer you the option of -/+1-3 to secure the best available ticket price, one week fare view in one window. On the other hand, you get multi-city search capabilities.

Loyalty / Frequent- flier program


We shall soon launch and implement the loyalty program so as our customers enjoy the benefits of this program while buying the tickets and travelling. By presenting the loyalty/rewards card, the purchaser is typically entitled to either a discount on the current purchase, or an allotment of points that can be used for future purchases.

Extra benefit from GDS segments


In addition to revenue/earning that you will have from booking fees charged to the user (to your website) and commissions paid directly to you from the airline, you can also earn by keeping your GDS segments to yourself and not assign them to Babylon system.